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Quote: Originally Posted by APK Try Extra Butter NY. That's where I got mine. Ask to speak to Jason (516-632-5150). Thanks, I'll give it a shot.
Price Drops
Does anyone know if there is anywhere to get the 3sixteen duffel still?? It's beginning to haunt my dreams
Thread updated, got rid of the stuff that's sold. Just the thermal and t-shirt available.
All items are size L unless otherwise stated, and all are BRAND new, whether they are with or without tags. Haven't sold much on here but anything that I have bought and sold warrants positive feedback. Measurements will be posted upon interest. All prices are in USD, and include shipping in Canada. Shipping to US is + $5. Any other countries ask me for a quote. Thanks and happy shopping! 1. L/S Thermal, Beige, BNWT -...
Me too!
please PM me about this thread if you have anything I always forget to check it
sample sale was a week ago
dropped again!! Come on guys wayyyyyy below retail
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