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Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah hahaha i was really hoping there was a gingham in white/white oddly I kind of was too...
Quote: Originally Posted by blynch Showing up as $103 for me before potential customs. Is there a chart somewhere that has full measurements for the straight leg and regular jeans? Need waist/thigh/rise/hem measurements before I can even consider them and I don't see it listed anywhere on their site. Check out Four Horsemen. They have Unbranded at a steal in Canadian dollars. Not sure exactly the price, or if they're even online. But call Guy...
Quote: Originally Posted by ChicagoRon You're seriously talking out of your ass. I guess it's possible you are a nancy-boy who has never actually been to a gym, seen an NFL or NHL game, etc... but I assure you there are some extremely fit people out there with a 36" waist. (ps. jockeys are not athletes) I wouldn't say that there are some EXTREMELY fit people with a 36" waist. I can only speak for hockey players but I know a lot of very...
I got a pair of the Vintage Blue Weird Guys and I'm not sure if I want to put in the effort to stretch them out, especially at the beginning of summer. Anyways I might sell them if somebody is really interested. They're a size 32. Let me know! Nothing's wrong with them, only worn once or twice around the house.
Yep medeka's pic is the actual boot... although I have them in the Dark Corn Row and they definitely don't come wrinkled like that. I'm pretty sure the black ones don't come wrinkled either. Figured I'd through that in there.
Quote: Originally Posted by lemmywinks Need something for <$100 or on the lower end of the $100 range... Check out Naked and Famous. I have two pairs of WeirdGuys and they fit me pretty well... although I'm kind of weirdly shaped. Four Horsemen sells them cheaper than anywhere and in Cdn$. http://www.fourhorsemen.ca/blog. I believe they just got a new shipment in as well.
Just the thermal left!
Quote: Originally Posted by BrettChaotix I bought this bad-ass W+H duffel coat from another forum member. It's my go-to coat for snow days. It's heavy and warm as hell but also has a ton of detail throughout that definitely gets noticed - the buttons are engraved, the inside of the hood is extra thick and ribbed fabric to keep it from sliding around, the extra later of fabric around the shoulders keeps the rain out and the lower sleeves have a second...
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