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I'm selling a pair of Alden for J. Crew Navy Blue Chromexcel longwings in size 9.5 B/D on the Barrie last. They feature the very comfortable crepe sole with natural welt and contrasting brass eyelets. These have plenty of life as seen in the photos. There is a small blemish near the medallion on each shoe and a small mark near the vamp of the left shoe. These are only noticeable upon close inspection. Selling to SF members for $200 plus s/h, firm.
Selling a pair of NIB Vintage Indys in 9.5D purchased a few months ago from LSW. The Trubalance last does not fit me well. Dustbags included. $500 including s/h to US48.
I'm selling a pair of lightly used 4065 Captoe boots in 10C/E. I purchased these on the forum some time ago; unfortunately these are too big for me. I typically wear 9.5D Barrie and I think I would be better suited in a 9.5E or 10D Grant. These are marked as Shoe Mart 2nds with a very tiny blemish on the front toe of the right shoe visible only upon close inspection. It is a small indent that is virtually impossible to capture via photo. Otherwise they are in good...
In my experience the Indy CXL fits fine while Indy Cordovan fits tight at the vamp, both in same size.Can any Tanker owners state whether or not they fit differently than their boots w/o stitching? I'm also thinking about pre-ordering. TIA!
I'm selling a NIB pair of Alden Color 8 975 longwings in 9.5 D. $500 including free FedEx Ground/Home within US48. Thanks!
I am selling a brand new pair of white suede Alden Indy boots in 9B/D. This is a unique boot as I have not seen this color on the Indy heretofore. Perhaps these are an old stock MTO? Epaulet, Leffot and Tres Bien have offered a Marble suede indy, which has a tan hue. However, these Marble Indys had a different sole (Epaulet's on Commando and Leffot/Tres Bien on Plantation Crepe). The Trubalance last doesn't seem to work for me. 9B/D on Tru-balance Last Neocork Sole Brass...
Sorry, Joe. Just sold them.
Unfortunately I have no experience with Wolverine sizing. Many purport to size down 1/2 in Trubalance from their TTS. Perhaps you'll find more info in the Alden thread.
I'm selling a like new pair of Leather Soul's Ultimate Indy in black calf in size 9D. I really like these but the Trubalance last doesn't seem to work for me. They were worn just a few times. These came out last February and are sold out. I'm asking $360 including shipping to US48.
I'm selling a brand new pair of Epaulet's Natty CXL Indy with a hand stitched toe box (normally reserved for shell) in size 9.5D. I think these are beautiful but the Trubalance last doesn't seem to work for me. I didn't know about Epaulet's special styleforum return policy, otherwise I would have returned them. These are now sold out. I'm asking $500 including shipping to US48.
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