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I am enjoying Young Bucks latest mixtape.
Double monks are my personal favorite shoes, especially in suede. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
I am loving Old Weller Antique right now.
Grits and sardines are among my favorite meals. Great thread.
Random ignant music and a lot of Mahaila Jackson, Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder
Ahh the great Oscar Peterson, I was listening to him yesterday. That fool is stone cold. Sometimes I listen to some really good music and it gets to a point it so good I'm over stimulated and have to stop listening to it and listen to something dumber for a while or just quit for the night, that happen last night.
Internet tough guyness is also rather new school hip hop these days. So thumbs up.
I must admit Ed was far more correct in his analysis than I gave him credit for. I thought he was just Knick stanning and Lebron hating.
Lawd. lolGiving specific reasons would imply your opinion deserves to be considered against mine. I don't think it should, given our identities, thus I prefer to just dismiss it.Sadly your insult back fired, it shouldn't take more than two minutes to read a forum post, if it does, then somebody doing something wrong. But I actually read this one in whole since it had none of the pseudo analysis I smelled coming up in your previous post.I agree with your last post to GN, a...
Is that the one totally apt LAMErgod username?
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