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What are his law grades. what did he do before law school?
17th is definitely South Beach.No promises on bugs though. Cockroaches are common.There should be shuttles running from the beach to arts district. I used to ride my motorcycle, great date night. Do you like food trucks?
Or you can go through a US proxy. I ship as gift to Canada all the time. The seller need not mark as gift, but a proxy can. I've never been hit with a duty.
Looks like the closest thing to a blue spark. A bit over priced and 42mm is pretty big for a "dress" watch. Anyone confirm the hands are actually "blued?
looks clean, can you give us a further back view? is that seating a single or a love seat?
Unless you are running the wiring long distance or through/near something that would likely cause interference, regular monoprice or bluejean cabling is fine.Panny plasma is a very good choice no matter the question.
I stick it in a media cabinet with access holes in the rear.
Try Schott for an extra workout everytime you go somewhere
Floor of closet. I'm at 10 pairs of dress shoes, not too bad of a problem (yet!)
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