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You also use "shit" and "ass" too often.
I get hit hard enough in my neck by just big bugs and small rocks that I can't imagine taking a stone to the lip or chin.
We need pics to identify these "cockroaches" otherwise, I suspect they are "ants."
So, lesson is that solids need texture or quality of material?
Well, the black shirt is useful if he wants to be mistaken as a server. He can slip into the kitchen with ease.
You think Gordon-Levitt's suit is too narrow? tight?Tie could be a bit wider, but...
He probably just wants to arrive at the bike shop on a motorcycle. Two up with two guys is just practical, go to foreign countries and you'll see two guys on a little scooter all the time.You don't have to give him a reach around, just use core control.
Also no longer in production and no similar styles either.
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