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This thread makes me want a knit brown tie
Not sure why the strong hate. I have two of these unlined Regent jackets. The cashmere and a blue check. They can easily be taken in at the waist and do well in temperate climates without adding a ton of heat from a lining. I have strong shoulders and this jacket conforms to me. The charcoal doesn't look like an orphan in person. The texture is a bit rougher than any wool suiting. I wear both jackets with light pants and love them.
nothing more smug than matchy-matchy
Vote for something mass produced a la Omega above.
What are his law grades. what did he do before law school?
17th is definitely South Beach.No promises on bugs though. Cockroaches are common.There should be shuttles running from the beach to arts district. I used to ride my motorcycle, great date night. Do you like food trucks?
Or you can go through a US proxy. I ship as gift to Canada all the time. The seller need not mark as gift, but a proxy can. I've never been hit with a duty.
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