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picked up some linen LS shirts and the slim fit oxford--on sale for $20!
those chukkas are way too casual.
7 weeks?!?! Are they shipping via sailboat?
Ok, I'll eat the spam...EDIT: pretty good looking stuff and cheap!
Absolutely, I stalk and admire the watches that cost more than cars.
Word. I can't tell you the number of kids coming up with zero unique abilities/grades/connections.
I am strongly considering a surface for the emailing and word editing.Ipad is great for browsing and media, but the incessant popups and lack of offline ability kill it for me.
spend $300 if it will look good. i hate the notion of "beater" clothes in a formal setting. better quality clothes will make you feel better and will tend to withstand staining, cleaning, repairs, etc. That said, brooks brother regent unlined blazers come in some aggressive colors and are about $200.
New Posts  All Forums: