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Go down and punch him in the face, thats how the law deals with smaller disputes.
Buy it now. It'll be on sale like 60% off.Don't you ever travel during the winter? Boom. Justification.
No winging at all. I have a khaki pair in Medium and they fit straight down
Ive ridden the MV 910R and its a fantastic sexy sounding bike with drop dead gorgeous curb appeal. If you're getting it new, I can't foresee too many issues. If you want a #YOLO bike, go italian!
People have been fairly successful with making a big public display of their bad practices. I know for cars with "no reserve" the internet and media have pressured car dealers into honoring those ebay auctions. Worth a shot, but the legal route will probably be $5-10k minimum.
picked up some linen LS shirts and the slim fit oxford--on sale for $20!
those chukkas are way too casual.
7 weeks?!?! Are they shipping via sailboat?
Ok, I'll eat the spam...EDIT: pretty good looking stuff and cheap!
Absolutely, I stalk and admire the watches that cost more than cars.
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