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pun master
so I'm safe if I pick 2/3?
I'm an immigration lawyer, can help you for free. Your best best is H1B, failing that you should hope that STEM reform happens before your OPT expires. There are not a lot of visa options for a well educated, free lance worker in the US right now. If you can even find a small company and add value doing more than just a narrow role, they can sponsor you and apply in April.
Please explain your logic. height + build = sartorial inclination?
Looks like neoprene, but surely it can't be
Jcrew on sale, depending on how slim... $129
Not sure how you can compromise so much. Either its short and only stays in when standing, but untucks upon seating OR its long enough to tuck in and stay tucked in.I wear an L and its pure untuck for me.
what IWC will be under $2k?
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