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Hey guys, I'm selling a leather jacket; I had this M2M in Buenos Aires, Argentina a few summers ago. Its super soft, creamy leather with no marks or rips in the leather. Its a full zipper, two exterior pockets and one interior pocket. Asking $150 shipped USPS Priority Mail, open to trades for TM Lewin shirts or similar in 15.5 Shoulders: 18" Pit to pit: 18" Length bottom of collar to bottom hem: 25.5" Sleeve length: 24.5
baby blue shirt with spread collar, red silk tie in full windsor glory. Black shoes, yadda yadda.
Here is a quick pic.
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay RWD can handle winter weather well with appropriate tires. Quote: Originally Posted by NH_Clark I'm up there every week and everybody has snow tires on in winter.. is it a law or something? It's just a practical solution! RWD with snow tires, just do it
Need some more info, price? size? overnight bag or gym duffel? shoulder strap or not?
The only redeeming factor is that the seller is actually competent. Nice items, good quality pics, and of course measurements!
How does the subtle rose gold tinting look? Change color in the light?
I wear mine and like most things, it just takes practice.
Would you be interested in a piece I had made for me in Buenos Aires? It's about a medium 38-40, I'm 5'11, 175lbs. Super soft buttery leather, in a shade slightly warmer than the one you posted.
Quote: Originally Posted by yanks2182 There was an issue between drop off at my building with my doorman, and the dry cleaners. Not sure who ended up losing it. not worth your time at all to inquire a little more?
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