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Quote: Originally Posted by FLMountainMan I'm 4 for 5 on the MPRE. Because I postponed the Bar exam so many times, I've taken it five times. Failed the first time, 4-0 the rest of the way. Florida also tests it on the Bar exam, usually as a component of a torts or family law question. are you in Florida now? What are you doing for a living? I am seriously contemplating not practicing law...
i'll give it to you for persistence, thats three shirts which don't fit well. How many shirts do you plan on ordering once you "get it right?" Seems like airfare and hotel to a proper tailor would be cheaper...
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff so they would wait to see if the person dies before making any one claim? "they" is the plaintiff? Thats going to be up to them, but they can certainly file for damages and then amend the complaint if the victim dies...
Quote: Originally Posted by rvergeront Welcome to 1998 geocities!
Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you lamp posts in first pic look like they could be ThyssenKrupp. definitely, but where can I order some? my patio party is coming up..
I have a pair of H&M super slim fit brown slacks. They have a great herringbone pattern. Tag reads 33, but they are closer to measured 31", length is 32". The leg opening is slim at 7.5", straight leg through the thigh as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by JATPrototype I work at RL that 8000 PL Tuxedo you speak of costs them about $600 to make. where in RL do you work? and what cost? the landed cost? there are a ton of ways to measure cost and generally ( I worked in the corporate office for A&F) the markup depends on the item. Denim and other bottoms, don't have nearly as high a markup as fragrance or accessories. For retail math, the cost includes, fabric,...
Hey guys, I'm selling a leather jacket; I had this M2M in Buenos Aires, Argentina a few summers ago. Its super soft, creamy leather with no marks or rips in the leather. Its a full zipper, two exterior pockets and one interior pocket. Asking $150 shipped USPS Priority Mail, open to trades for TM Lewin shirts or similar in 15.5 Shoulders: 18" Pit to pit: 18" Length bottom of collar to bottom hem: 25.5" Sleeve length: 24.5
baby blue shirt with spread collar, red silk tie in full windsor glory. Black shoes, yadda yadda.
Here is a quick pic.
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