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awesome reviews, I can't wait to check it out
He wear womens shirts http://www.zappos.com/three-dots-ess...neck-off-white Just size up or two
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy I'd probably wear a madras shirt, my favorite raw jeans and chukkas... for comfort. need combat boots to fight Woody Harrelson...
[quote=KnowYourRights;3139529]If you're considering engineer boots, I suggest going with the Boss from Wesco. I have a pair. Never took care of them properly, but they're still going strong. The boots have logged lots of miles on old, leaky bikes, been covered in grime, mud, oil, etc. Wesco's rule. Here are mine after 8 years and zero care: QUOTE] I like the emphasis on 0 care, not even riding through puddles to rinse them?
need a pic of you wearing it!!!
tie clip.
Quote: Originally Posted by macellsprive nice jacket, but maybe too small. damn my shoulders 21'.. What are your dimensions? i'm 5'11, 180lbs and it fits me fine.
Quote: Originally Posted by macellsprive got pics?? They are hosted in the thread, can you see them?
Price drop $120, open to trades...
Quote: Originally Posted by samblau I failed the MPRE by 1 point the first time I took it w/o really studying (the test is given nationwide, NY requires a relatively high score by comparison, I would have passed in most other states). In any event I laugh about it, studied for 2 days the second time and passed easily. . . then had awesome pumpkin pie filled french toast. Good post, totally saved the thread by describing pumpkin pie french...
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