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If you want chunky, get an oxford or flannel. Ok, if you want a location BB or Jcrew or even A&F.
Quote: Originally Posted by Siggy The ABA isn't reducing supply, it's adding to it. It is approving more law schools and has continued to hype Biglaw salary expectations and LA Law lifestyle even though the floor fell through in 2008. Meanwhile more and more college grads are still taking the LSAT and applying to law school (which is drastically rising in tuition costs) even though there are barely jobs available. In today's market many grads from third...
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin Mediation. Non-binding, for sure....although court ordered. Ah, "mediation" my fault. We are still waiting almost 3 weeks for our non-binding arbitration decision...
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin I will be revealing the Chipp "Screw Ewe" mystery tie at a mediation in Miami on Friday. I think it will convey our message clearly. Mike I sure hope its non-binding arbitration!
Quote: Originally Posted by samblau ... My most "successful" (in economic terms) peers stare at excel spreadsheets (finance) or review corporate documents (lawyers) all day. I'd say they are not as happy as my near broke friends doing freelance photography. But society has taught kids that "everyone" can be successful if you just go to ANY college, get ANY degree (liberal arts, mind you) and you too, can make six figures reviewing...
What if you try it on at the tailor and it still needs adjustment! Talk about cutting it close... I suggest a tophat, you'll probably be the only one wearing one.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bill Smith Like this particular Seiko a lot. it's also about $425 since being discontinued.
Quote: Originally Posted by JonF A little cheesy watch pose from this weekend... well, you're a passenger in the SLR, so I'm guessing its not your supercar. How was it?
Quote: Originally Posted by NinthCircle I can't get the damned thing to upload... if it was easy, everyone would be senior members
Quote: Originally Posted by GoldenTribe Ever heard of underwear? maybe his belly rubs on his belt!
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