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Thats absurd for 99% of the posters here.
i use wax
the winder is such a slow rotation that the weight is likely sticking in one position. Wearing it on your wrist causes more "forceful" rotation allowing it to be wound. Probably needs a servicing.
pun master
pun master
so I'm safe if I pick 2/3?
I'm an immigration lawyer, can help you for free. Your best best is H1B, failing that you should hope that STEM reform happens before your OPT expires. There are not a lot of visa options for a well educated, free lance worker in the US right now. If you can even find a small company and add value doing more than just a narrow role, they can sponsor you and apply in April.
Please explain your logic. height + build = sartorial inclination?
Looks like neoprene, but surely it can't be
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