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^^ looks great Similar to the gree rolex while still being a seiko. I need to consider that bezel and re-discover my skx
Exactly my concern. I suppose I can do lighting and fans piecemeal, but major moulding/railing type changes need wholesale, no?Thanks for the (conflicting?) advice.
Well, Im already in. Voted into HOA so that may help (or hinder)
Nice, I'm going to check these out
I'll join this party. Closed this summer in Uptown, Dallas. 3 story townhome with single car garage. 2 bedroom 2.5 bath. Crazy how far $200/sq ft will go in Texas. I'm in a prime location walking to my office, bars, restaurants, American Airlines Center, etc. Mostly move-in ready, but I could go to Home Depot every week if I wanted to.
Well, how did it go?
Ah, exactly what I was planning. I recently got my Strands back from recrafting and want some Patriots/Aldens for travel
You fly with pre-check? I hate taking my shoes off
Looks great, very understated unlike a lot of big TX displays
Being worn the way meant to be!
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