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Nice, I'm going to check these out
I'll join this party. Closed this summer in Uptown, Dallas. 3 story townhome with single car garage. 2 bedroom 2.5 bath. Crazy how far $200/sq ft will go in Texas. I'm in a prime location walking to my office, bars, restaurants, American Airlines Center, etc. Mostly move-in ready, but I could go to Home Depot every week if I wanted to.
Well, how did it go?
Ah, exactly what I was planning. I recently got my Strands back from recrafting and want some Patriots/Aldens for travel
You fly with pre-check? I hate taking my shoes off
Looks great, very understated unlike a lot of big TX displays
Being worn the way meant to be!
I don't have any cotton or khaki thats for sure.I will keep blue and pink shirts if you insist!
That's it, i'm throwing out every dress shirt which isn't a shade of white.
is that a cutaway on a casual shirt?
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