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I'd try to find a proxy to ensure the shipping carrier. Thats the biggest variable in these calculations.
Handbuilt. Nice
Car + bikes>clothes. Maybe some watches would push me closer, but I'm pretty sure I'd spend more on the car to maintain the gap.
Picked these up tonight. More grey IRL
Agreed, and we are even excluding the GS which is in a category above all we are discussing.So, Seiko>Orient.
I consider the Seiko to be more of a Honda Civic of watches. Solid, well designed and a time-trusted foundation.Orient is certainly good, they have some aesthetically pleasing new designs as well, but might be more comparable to Hyundai (as a newcomer/slightly fashionable, but still with good foundation just not as proven)Thats my $0.02 YMMV.
thanks, getting a pair now
Sports. Competition and wanting to be a winner. Ultimately, its something that you need to think about a long term goal that will motivate you instead of short term hopes.
Seiko first, then Orient
do you wear a size 14 in KW shirting?
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