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customercare@I'll re-paste to you in PM.
To be fair, if "a lot of emails are getting lost" maybe the onus should be on your email filter, not busy customers.Patiently awaiting my email response.
same/similar issue.Just placed about $500 of sale items, click through credit payment. Only to be emailed a day after about items out of stock. Sent an email to them this morning, will see the response time.
Anyone order the in-house bluchers? on sale they look tempting
fair enough, although I hope at this level people can dig into what individual responsibilities were more than a glossy name.
Glad you got it sorted, but curious how two Fortune 50 companies could vary that much? I mean, I am indifferent between a 2B and 20B company. Kroger vs Safeway? one is twice is large as the other...
Thanks, I'm looking for a sleeker loafer while being able to slip on and off at the airport. Randolph it is!
fantastic, now I need to decide between Randolph and Waldens.Is there a consensus for which is "younger?"RandolphWalden
glad you're ok. Thats encouraging about her admitting fault
^^ looks great Similar to the gree rolex while still being a seiko. I need to consider that bezel and re-discover my skx
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