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+1, but can't have everything!
Oh I know the model. Its not very common but some people love that feature. The visor is fine. Its protected by jacket and they will bend a lot before cracking or warping permanently. If you want more For day/night riding and an easy place to store a large piece of plastic. Youre kind of hoping for the moon here.
Flip ups are heavy. Why not just tuck it inside your jacket along your ribs? JR has a few models with a specific sleeve for this.
As an owner of an AP2 S2000, I don't think they are even comparable.The S is a raw performance, tiny box transmitting every road noise into the cabin.The Z and TT are small, gutless luxo boxes. Unless you can swing Z4M, I think you should decide if you want luxury comfort or a boy racer.
UPDATE: received my order, decent shipping time.Handwritten note that my Out of stock were not included, but my card was charged! Rec'd refund a few days later.
I always round up, but call it compensation (which isn't always taxable W2 line item) Airline miles, credit card points, all towards compensation, but not W2
customercare@I'll re-paste to you in PM.
To be fair, if "a lot of emails are getting lost" maybe the onus should be on your email filter, not busy customers.Patiently awaiting my email response.
same/similar issue.Just placed about $500 of sale items, click through credit payment. Only to be emailed a day after about items out of stock. Sent an email to them this morning, will see the response time.
Anyone order the in-house bluchers? on sale they look tempting
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