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thanks, getting a pair now
Sports. Competition and wanting to be a winner. Ultimately, its something that you need to think about a long term goal that will motivate you instead of short term hopes.
Seiko first, then Orient
do you wear a size 14 in KW shirting?
+1, but can't have everything!
Oh I know the model. Its not very common but some people love that feature. The visor is fine. Its protected by jacket and they will bend a lot before cracking or warping permanently. If you want more For day/night riding and an easy place to store a large piece of plastic. Youre kind of hoping for the moon here.
Flip ups are heavy. Why not just tuck it inside your jacket along your ribs? JR has a few models with a specific sleeve for this.
As an owner of an AP2 S2000, I don't think they are even comparable.The S is a raw performance, tiny box transmitting every road noise into the cabin.The Z and TT are small, gutless luxo boxes. Unless you can swing Z4M, I think you should decide if you want luxury comfort or a boy racer.
UPDATE: received my order, decent shipping time.Handwritten note that my Out of stock were not included, but my card was charged! Rec'd refund a few days later.
I always round up, but call it compensation (which isn't always taxable W2 line item) Airline miles, credit card points, all towards compensation, but not W2
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