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^^ I'm digging it. Triumph has enough heritage cred and they can't build the Bonnie fast enough for demand. That seat is sexy!
I got my AE chelsea boots during their sale. nothing else really leaps at me for their price point
especially the orange monster if he wants the color.
Here's a pic of my old SV with gear indicator on an 08 naked.Also have woodcraft clip-ons. Pretty low, but as long as you squeeze the tank, you're fine.
Great time at Socal Supermoto. They provide bikes, lunch, fuel and free photography. Plenty of track time and safe environment to go fast. First time on a DRZ400, mostly ride sportbikes/naked bikes. Brief Video
I didn't replace the rubber grip. You need a set of snap ring pliers anyway. In a pinch, use some strong needle nose pliers.
SV? I have the same black folding tip replacement. Its a tiny bit shorter than OEM though.
I've been meaning to send my SKX to these guys.
Not a bad idea. Very mechanical amd common swap!
I'm guessing Orange Seiko Monster.
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