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I didn't replace the rubber grip. You need a set of snap ring pliers anyway. In a pinch, use some strong needle nose pliers.
SV? I have the same black folding tip replacement. Its a tiny bit shorter than OEM though.
I've been meaning to send my SKX to these guys.http://timerepair.com/index.html
Not a bad idea. Very mechanical amd common swap!
I'm guessing Orange Seiko Monster.
I'd try to find a proxy to ensure the shipping carrier. Thats the biggest variable in these calculations.
Handbuilt. Nice
Car + bikes>clothes. Maybe some watches would push me closer, but I'm pretty sure I'd spend more on the car to maintain the gap.
Picked these up tonight. More grey IRL
Agreed, and we are even excluding the GS which is in a category above all we are discussing.So, Seiko>Orient.
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