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I got a tailor to take in the sides, and I feel like it's a bit too snug. Opinions?
Does it look too tight???
Alden x Jcrew Captoe. My favorite pair of boots.
The description on this on the gap website says raw indigo wash. Does that mean these jeans are raw denim jeans? And will they fade like a pair of raw denim?
any store that caters to fat chicks
whatever..yes..."cuff your jeans" .. thanks for clarifying.
if so how high high are your cuffs?
Yes. DO IT!!
Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow They're decent looking shoes. I doubt you'd have any "Style Forum Approved" alternatives in that pricepoint. Just don't expect them to last ore than a year or two. Stick around and you'll learn... Thanks for the straight up response. I could sense the SF sharks starting to swim around me.
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