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noooooo. So much discontinuation in this jawn.
Quote: Originally Posted by willy cheesesteak I think he's brought back varsities enough, lol. lol, varsities will plague him forever. Still wish he'd just never discontinue anything. I live in a dream world.
Quote: Originally Posted by Listi by hand using his own hair as the stitching you don't want to know what is used for glue As long as it's from him it's good.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Guys I just tried on some corthays and trickers but for some reason the corthays felt sleeker. You must have the brands confused, my friend.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol come to terms with your sexual attraction to me wait I just found this gem.... are you serious, Uncontrol?
Jet and Robert are gay lovers in the real world but do not know about their internet identities. Jet wears gap and J Crew, Robert wears Rick Owens and MMM. They have a fulfilling relationship with each other.
Quote: Originally Posted by Makeshift_Robot 1) The fashion world has been biting everybody's style, since forever. 2) Yeah, but why camo? It doesn't blend in when you're on a fucking boat, there's no reason for it not to just be some solid color. It makes no sense. ergo the U.S. Navy makes no sense. The competency levels in the military are astounding. My friend was in the infantry in Afghanistan and they had jungle instead dessert...
quick question. Why do you guys bother discontinuing items at all?
Can someone recommend a raw jean for under $200 that fits in between A.P.C New Cure and New Standard? Also I prefer minimal details a la A.P.C.
Quote: Originally Posted by Razele I just think that the new sole looks way too chunky and far out of place on the current line. Like some of the new colourways but not enough to counter act the lameness of that sole. Agreed. Why'd they mess with the perfect design? The new sole is only "good" but when I am paying lavin prices I want it perfect.
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