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The more I read the more I'm pleased with the great advice on the site, but one thing I'm finding odd is the whole talk of "city" or "town" wear. Tradition can be great, but do we need to be locked into a 1940s script? And does anyone else find some of his pronouncements a little fusty? chorse123, I'm curious what you tend to disagree with.
Adding to RSS now. Thanks for the pointer.
Mostly the benefit is relaxation. Though steam rooms do wonders for my skin - so I'd recommend for the skin care effects alone.
To be honest, either shorter or longer works for you, and pic #3 has the least flattering cut/view. You should probably look for some length contrast (shorter on sides than on top). I like #1, but the top could be grown out just a little more in that one, while #2 could use more (or more recent) trimming on the sides. I'd save the unilength style for when/if your hair really starts to thin. It's probably key to find a good stylist, who can work with what you want but also...
Bobby's is not necessarily by invitation, but hours are tricky, from what I remember. Weekends late morning are a good bet. Prices are high - maybe not compared to what SFers are used to, but definitely not vintage store range, nor priced to move. I've heard Bobby actually gets much of his business renting out his clothes to movie costume designers. And thanks for the Keezer photos... I bought my tux there, and have fond memories of the shop's quirkiness. I checked...
What about the places on Jeweler's Row? I took my vintage watch to one place (Kanell, I think... they start to run together in my mind. Anyway it was on 8th near Sansom.) They did a great job cosmetically, though the watch still runs a tad slow. I'd love to hear any recommendations and experiences with any Row establishments.
Quote: Originally Posted by houserichichi How is it women are able to walk into a store at nearly any age and are able to pick out rather well coordinated outfits without even a simple opinion from another whereas many men rely strictly on the opinions and/or "rules"? Women often walk around with terrible outfits. Hence Glamour Don'ts or practically any makeover TV show. Moreover, women do learn by the opinions of others, shopping with other...
I'll second Kiss My Face. The drug store brands don't lubricate enough and the higher-end stuff I try often gums up the razors. So I get KMF unscented and it lasts me almost the year. I am a big fan of shaving oil, Shave Deluxe, out of Texas, which I like better than King of Shaves or the British brands.
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