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Fabrics. I think many people are looking at them the wrong way. So many people are fixated on price. This costs this amount. This one costs a little less. This one costs even more. Instead of focusing on price, I think people should just buy what they want that they can possibly afford. Don't focus on the brand or the price, but the quality, color and overall aesthetic. The intrinsic value combined with what it's worth to you. If you are getting a bespoke product, this...
I think you're looking into too much minutia from a split second photograph. Any of those things would be barely - if at all - discernible in real life. It's hard enough to notice even in the photograph. I do see what you are referring to, but I just view that as added drape for added comfort.
Good stuff, tchoy! Your tailor has your pattern down pretty well at this point.
Thanks! Honestly not sure of the price. I didn't look at the price tag when I exchanged it for the bigger size.
Stopped by the store in NY yesterday. REALLY great. Same vibe as HK and a well thought out selection of clothes. The staff were all wonderful gentlemen as well. My wife grabbed me the Ring sweater / jacket below for Christmas which is excellent. Just needed it in a bigger size. Highly recommend stopping by if you can and treating yourself to something nice. Congrats to Team Armoury!!!
Correct and that pretty much sealed the deal for me to indulge on both LL cloths and Steed bespoke. Who was I to pass up such a handsome deal? :^)
That's badass. Congrats on the find and Happy New Year!
Here's an example of why I personally choose LL cloths. You look at the two photos below which are very nice tweed cloths. The first from JG Hardy and the next from Lovat. At first glance they kind of look like these two cloths: But when you hold these cloths and the LL cloths side by side the differences become more obvious in terms of colors and textures as you can see here. These photos were taken in the exact same spot in the exact same light with no touch...
I didn't mean intellectual property in a legal sense. Yes, I am well aware where Alden gets all of his designs from. I'm basically just saying that if one person is making a fabric that can be purchased it's kind of a dick move to just go ahead and copy it to save yourself a bit of cash. If it's worth it for some to go through the whole organizational process of making a cloth run happen more power to them. I just don't have the time so I'm happy to pay for the convenience...
Hi Naive, Jr. - As I mentioned to Manton this is a one piece back which makes a full on S curve a bit trickier. There is some curve there, but perhaps not as much as some would like. Keep in mind it's also a single photo and may look slightly different in another photos. If you are talking about the full on back shot that's just the drape bulging a touch. Personally, I'd rather have a touch extra fabric for added comfort and movement that can hardly be seen in real life....
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