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Can we all now agree that we have spoken enough about diamond patterned cloth for 2014?
dopey - Moonbeam for sportcoats and Coops for suiting sounds good to me! Concordia - that is nice although a bit darker than I'd ideally like. May ask for a swatch though.
Glad you like the B&W herringbone...I very much enjoy my Moonbeam. I don't wear navy jackets too much, but when I do I really like it. Holds it's shape and super comfortable. It does wear a bit on the warmer side.I would agree with that although I wouldn't equate Moonbeam with tweed and people shouldn't expect to. It has some tweed like patterns in look, but it stops there. It's like a light, fluffy cashmere with its Lambswool and Angora.
I like this a lot. I admire the affect of how it appears dark gray and light gray vs. black and white. And the wider scale is a nice touch. Does anyone know if a tweed maker has this available in something like a sturdy 16oz suiting material? I can't recall seeing one. Might be a good project for LL as I did mention it to Michael before and he seemed keen on it.
I totally agree that it's wrong if a mill or an individual takes something that is exactly the same and brands it as their own with a steep markup. If there are any custom changes done to the fabrics such as textures, colors, weaves, etc then a markup is fine. The only way to know that is to have samples of both in your hands or have the mill verify one way or the other. The latter likely will not happen so one is left to take the time to hunt down samples.
I agree in that specific instance. But too often price and what can be had for cheapest is an overriding factor in people's decision making. I admit used to look too far into pricing. It ended up being more work researching than it's worth. I'd rather spend that time with my family and friends.
Fabrics. I think many people are looking at them the wrong way. So many people are fixated on price. This costs this amount. This one costs a little less. This one costs even more. Instead of focusing on price, I think people should just buy what they want that they can possibly afford. Don't focus on the brand or the price, but the quality, color and overall aesthetic. The intrinsic value combined with what it's worth to you. If you are getting a bespoke product, this...
I think you're looking into too much minutia from a split second photograph. Any of those things would be barely - if at all - discernible in real life. It's hard enough to notice even in the photograph. I do see what you are referring to, but I just view that as added drape for added comfort.
Good stuff, tchoy! Your tailor has your pattern down pretty well at this point.
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