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You mean in terms of fabrics being interchangeable? Many fabrics can be used for both suiting and jacketing as far as material goes. Some things - such as Shetlands or loose open weave tweeds - are not ideal for suiting as the trousers can start to sag and look after a while. I am going by hearsay, but that seems to make sense. Of course, many fabrics just "look" like they should be either for a jacket or a suit.
This is a great example of why you can never judge a garment by a single photograph. Such subtle differences in each. Both great, yet different. Remember guys, it's not the garment itself, but how it's worn.
Yes, one pretty much needs to embrace the wrinkles and rumbles with linen.
I like this a lot and wear similar things often. One small nit is that I think you can do without the pocket square. It formalizes it a bit yet everything is so casual otherwise that it seems a touch out of balance. Regardless, looks great!
Thanks and they are Vass dark brown cordovan. I wear suede shoes 90% of the time, but with the chilly weather yesterday figured it may be the last day for these.
Sad, but true.
Just for @dieworkwear...a nice and blurry home photo.
Sorry. I read it as Fresco which is worsted. The Minnis Flannel is both worsted and woollen I believe depending on the specific fabric. Tough to saw there, but might lean towards woollen. Regardless, I usually prefer woollen as it has a more classic flannel vibe.
Worsted, technically.
Ugh. Sorry this got all messed up. These things are never as easy as they seem.
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