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I seem to recall that. Although I would think lowering a gorge would be a lot easier than raising a gorge. I could be totally wrong on that though.
Tailoring Question Is it possible to lower the gorge on an existing sportcoat? Assuming you have more of the same fabric, I'm thinking a tailor could re-cut the back of the collar and then move the lapel down a bit where the bottom half of the gorge is located. Is this possible? Despos? Anyone?
Thanks and fingers crossed!
Shirt Washing Question So I've washed some shirts in the machine on gentle cycle and left them hanging to dry. Now that they are totally dry, if I put them in the dryer to soften them up a bit and get out some wrinkles they shouldn't shrink at all, right? Ironing isn't an option time-wise plus I prefer shirts a bit more rugged looking and not crisped up from an iron. Thanks!
Nope. All tweed and flannel. I hardly wear any jackets in the Summer!
I have most of my coats half lined which I believe is essentially quarter lined to them. Heck, even I'm not totally sure of the difference!
Patterns that are too small such as houndstooth and POW often have an odd 3D kind of visual effect. They also seem a little too Jos A Banks especially if in worsted format. Here is the LL version someone mentioned before which I have as well and love.
Can we all now agree that we have spoken enough about diamond patterned cloth for 2014?
dopey - Moonbeam for sportcoats and Coops for suiting sounds good to me! Concordia - that is nice although a bit darker than I'd ideally like. May ask for a swatch though.
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