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London Lounge Brown Barleycorn tweed now funded. Really comfy fabric that feels like I'm wearing a cozy blanket. Heavy stuff at around 19oz. Perfect for today's weather. Made by a MBT. Is it as good as Steed? No way, but still very nice and the fabric is stellar.
Larry David has always been ahead of the fashion curve.
Yes, all set on that front and thanks for the note. Appreciate it!
Correct! It is this LL Corn Shetland I will be lowering. Quite high as you can see and I have a handful of fabric leftover which should (hopefully) make it easy enough to lower 1+ inch.
Thanks and that's all about what I figured. The lapel buttonhole only had stitching which I removed and was not cut through so all good there. Looks like I'm off to the tailor this week!
I seem to recall that. Although I would think lowering a gorge would be a lot easier than raising a gorge. I could be totally wrong on that though.
Tailoring Question Is it possible to lower the gorge on an existing sportcoat? Assuming you have more of the same fabric, I'm thinking a tailor could re-cut the back of the collar and then move the lapel down a bit where the bottom half of the gorge is located. Is this possible? Despos? Anyone?
Thanks and fingers crossed!
Shirt Washing Question So I've washed some shirts in the machine on gentle cycle and left them hanging to dry. Now that they are totally dry, if I put them in the dryer to soften them up a bit and get out some wrinkles they shouldn't shrink at all, right? Ironing isn't an option time-wise plus I prefer shirts a bit more rugged looking and not crisped up from an iron. Thanks!
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