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Whoa. Fucked up. How do you know it was the babysitter?
I'm in.
Jadot can be solid, but Drouhin is soooooo much better as far as the big negociant houses go.
Wine Beserkers is the one to use. If Style Forum was an all wine forum that would be it. They talk about an array of wines, but their focus is on Burgundy, Piedmont, Rhone and older wines. The site came about when there was a mass exodus from the Robert Parker board when Parker started charging people to use the forums. There is a big anti-Parker sentiment on WB.
Will try at some point. More likely just the sportcoat.
So I fiiiinnnnnalllly got my finished suit in this fabric recently. Turned out great! Light enough for a casual Summer sportcoat and the color works well for a nice Fall suit. It's a winner!
Bordeaux very good as well, but just needs sooooo much time. I can drink Village Burgundy and Rhones like St. Joseph and Crozes Hermitage young. Bordeaux just needs so much time for me that I hardly ever touch it before 25 years.
2010 is THE recent vintage to buy from Burgundy and Rhone.
Anyone have 4 meters of light gray Fresco fabric around 11oz from something like Minnis or Fimmeresco? Thanks in advance and no worries either way.
Thanks guys! And how about someone able to make a bespoke vest with a turnaround time of 3 weeks including a fitting? Ercole's? Anyone else?
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