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Have you felt great old vintage cloth in your hands against similar modern cloths to do a comparison? Or is the above comment just based on conjecture? If the latter that reminds me of people without kids who feel the need to pass judgment on others and their parenting.
You will. Soooo...
The LL / Molloy is kind of a cream / light tan melange plus dark brown. It's very nice in person, but a melange of just light tan like the Reid would also look great. FWIW, it's one of the sportcoats I've been most complemented in just the few short months I've owned it. Whichever way the final order goes I'm sure it'll be a hit. Enjoy!
Funny as I really like the marled / mottled look. It gives it more character. I also think it's rarer to see larger scale barleycorn than small scale. If any RTW item is going to be barleycorn it would almost certainly be smaller scaled. The larger scale has a more authentic old school tweed feel to my eye. Neither is right or wrong. Just preference.
jrd - great pics! Is it wrong that I think the LL Shetland base is the best fabric? I do like (and own) some of the frescos and the birdseyes are nice, but I prefer a more navy / RAF Birdseye as opposed to gray, but that's just me. My advise is follow your gut and not what anyone on the forum says. Everyone is in a different state of evolution in their wardrobe and much of what anyone says is based on their tastes and what they have in their closet. Go with what you need...
Thanks! If you look carefully though you will see that my natural waist is in between the two buttons. We went with a bit of a vintage feel here for this one. The belt is in between them, a touch towards the lower button, but that's fine with me as that appears to be where it should fall on my back as it starts to curve inward.
I think the 82 last is definitely sleeker and more narrow towards the toe than the F last. The F is a bit more classic in style.
^ That suit looks great. The ensemble would look 10 times better though with a simple light blue shirt.
Thanks guys and glad you approve of my sportcoat decisions! Personally, I've never really had goals or subscribed to "I need X number of sportcoats" kind of thing. I have just bought what I liked. There is some diversity in all of the sportcoats, but I think they are all "me" meaning they are all coats that work with my existing wardrobe and overall aesthetic style. One needs to know what will work for them. A Gun Club may not be for everyone because someone may not feel...
Thanks and will look into the Scabal. Glad it brought back memories. I see the Jodie Foster comparison.Trust me that it's high. I can barely see the top of the gorge in the mirror as it's almost shooting beyond my shoulder line.Let's hope so!
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