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I think the 82 last is definitely sleeker and more narrow towards the toe than the F last. The F is a bit more classic in style.
^ That suit looks great. The ensemble would look 10 times better though with a simple light blue shirt.
Thanks guys and glad you approve of my sportcoat decisions! Personally, I've never really had goals or subscribed to "I need X number of sportcoats" kind of thing. I have just bought what I liked. There is some diversity in all of the sportcoats, but I think they are all "me" meaning they are all coats that work with my existing wardrobe and overall aesthetic style. One needs to know what will work for them. A Gun Club may not be for everyone because someone may not feel...
Thanks and will look into the Scabal. Glad it brought back memories. I see the Jodie Foster comparison.Trust me that it's high. I can barely see the top of the gorge in the mirror as it's almost shooting beyond my shoulder line.Let's hope so!
Thanks and will look into that as well. I recall someone posted those a whole ago (perhaps you). Thanks for the refresher!
Thanks! The twill there seems a touch soft in terms of color and feel based on the photo. Will ask them for a swatch as photos are always deceiving. The ones above seem to have a bold color palette with weight around 16oz. Just a guess though.
Are there any books out there that have some wide scale tweed twills like the ones seen below? Been pondering one for a while for either a 3-piece suit or am overcoat in dark gray. Anyone? Despos? Bueller?
Thanks Chris! Glad you approve. I like the fabric even more than I thought I would. I believe this was a test fabric and that it may go into full production in the upcoming months. To be honest I can't recall. I just remember Michael mentioning he had a jacket's length left and I grabbed it. I think it could work as a topcoat if that's a style one wanted. One guy made it up as such and it looks very nice. For me I prefer more sober coats, but that's just personal preference.
I definitely prefer the soft tailored effect with minimal structure. I had a jacket made by NSM which I like very much in the Summer although I rarely wear jackets in hot weather anyway. I usually just stick with linen trousers and a seersucker or linen shirt.This recent barleycorn jacket is made with very minimal padding and a light canvas. Hardly anything there. Less so than even my Steeds. I would say Steed has a touch of structure, but just enough to make it drape...
Thanks! I do have a lot of tweed sportcoats as you've probably seen. I'm sure I could use some cashmere, hopsack etc. but these days that's just not what I'm into. I work in the wine business and therefore don't need to have many things that are formal / casual mix. I can go all out one way or the other by wearing a barleycorn tweed or a double-breasted flannel suit which works with my lifestyle. I don't try to force anything and have diversity for the sake of having...
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