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I like this a lot and wear similar things often. One small nit is that I think you can do without the pocket square. It formalizes it a bit yet everything is so casual otherwise that it seems a touch out of balance. Regardless, looks great!
Thanks and they are Vass dark brown cordovan. I wear suede shoes 90% of the time, but with the chilly weather yesterday figured it may be the last day for these.
Sad, but true.
Just for @dieworkwear...a nice and blurry home photo.
Sorry. I read it as Fresco which is worsted. The Minnis Flannel is both worsted and woollen I believe depending on the specific fabric. Tough to saw there, but might lean towards woollen. Regardless, I usually prefer woollen as it has a more classic flannel vibe.
Worsted, technically.
Ugh. Sorry this got all messed up. These things are never as easy as they seem.
Ha! Thanks for the vote of confidence. Doubt I can get to any photos as the in-laws are in town. Does it count if a photoshop a tie over my photos of me in sportcoats and jeans? :^) Good luck everyone!
I'm just gonna come out and say it: I despise French cuffs. They make me feel too fancy and cuff links are often too annoying to deal with especially with a crazy toddler running around. 9 times out of 10 I even leave my barrel cuffs unbuttoned to allow more air circulation. Yes, even with suits sometimes. What can I say? I'm a rebel.
If no one asked Mark at The Armoury I can do so. I'm curious to see a swatch of the fabric.
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