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I agree that those are much better. I stand corrected!
Is it just me or does this really not look that great? The narrow shoulders combined with the slight roping make for an awkward combination especially in relation to the hip section. And the buttons all seem too high and the bottom row of buttons not coming anywhere close to the pockets throws off the balance even more.The lack of drape doesn't make it appear too comfortable either.I'm not normally nit-picky on these sorts of things, but I can't ever seem to recall a...
This. Lots of truth here. If you annoy your tailor unnecessarily you will likely not receive the same quality work as those that the tailor enjoys working with from start to finish. Just the way it goes in tailoring or any business.If a tailor doesn't stock a certain fabric brand and can't get access to it have a frank conversation with him and make sure it works for him to bring in your LL or Fresco or whatever cloth. But if they can get it just have him get it. I'd...
I think the LL fabrics do a great job of breathing even while being heavy. If you hold most LL tweeds up the light you can see through them a bit more than a lot of other tweeds (at least one's I've compared). I believe this one is around 15oz and it definitely doesn't feel heavy or wear too hot. Ones that are upwards of 20oz feel almost like iron and certainly wear warmer, but rarely am I sweltering in them.
It's cold out there. Dress appropriately.
Are we still about robes and pajamas here? #confused.
Hi SM,That one actually still is available! My iPhone is not allowing me to send a PM, but feel free to shoot me one. Thanks!
I really can't see what you're saying here. I'm looking at the jacket pocket in person carefully right now close up and it all seems to match up. That's good enough for me!
Thanks guys! Not Steed, but an MBT. Chris - I'm looking at the breast pocket now. It's cut the same direction, but just not lined up absolutely perfectly making it look slightly ajar. If you zoom in on the closeup photo on an iPhone you can see more clearly.
Agnelli Tweed from The London Lounge funded. Soft, fuzzy, warm lambswool. Awesome stuff. And yes, the waist looks low due to the angle of the photograph.
New Posts  All Forums: