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Just for @dieworkwear...a nice and blurry home photo.
Sorry. I read it as Fresco which is worsted. The Minnis Flannel is both worsted and woollen I believe depending on the specific fabric. Tough to saw there, but might lean towards woollen. Regardless, I usually prefer woollen as it has a more classic flannel vibe.
Worsted, technically.
Ugh. Sorry this got all messed up. These things are never as easy as they seem.
Ha! Thanks for the vote of confidence. Doubt I can get to any photos as the in-laws are in town. Does it count if a photoshop a tie over my photos of me in sportcoats and jeans? :^) Good luck everyone!
I'm just gonna come out and say it: I despise French cuffs. They make me feel too fancy and cuff links are often too annoying to deal with especially with a crazy toddler running around. 9 times out of 10 I even leave my barrel cuffs unbuttoned to allow more air circulation. Yes, even with suits sometimes. What can I say? I'm a rebel.
If no one asked Mark at The Armoury I can do so. I'm curious to see a swatch of the fabric.
Tough to say, but probably right around the same.
If the 78 Beychevelle is well stored I can't see it being over the hill. I haven't had in around 7 years, but recall it being very nice, classic, old school Bordeaux. Publications like Parker and Wine Spectator always err on drinking the wine on the young side for fear that some customers will think it's declining if held too long. I usually think that if they say the wine will drink best between 2020 - 2030 that it will usually just start to get going around 2030.
Flannel is definitely best around 15oz+. The LL flannel scares me a bit due to the fact that there is no porosity to it (most LL cloths you an actually see through the threads when held against a light, but not the flannel). I have some lightweight stuff and it's a bit flimsy. You can tell the heavier stuff will last a lifetime if taking care of it.
New Posts  All Forums: