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Thanks! Still leaning towards just getting something like the coat below made at some point. Think it would suit my style and needs pretty well.
Gents! I have been considering a pea coat for a long time. If not custom what is the best option for something that is slim fitting and adequately covers the full length of a sportcoat by a good few inches? I would be open to one that goes to mid-thigh or even just above the knee if it had a belt in the back. Keep in mind I am 6'1 and 165 so tall and slender. Too many pea coats seem short and squat on me. Thank you!
I was a skeptic for a while, but heavier fabrics really are better if you live in a climate that can handle them.
I've always liked this fabric that Alden is wearing here...not an LL fabric, but something he found in the back at one of the mills...a dark brown version of this for a pea-coat meets polo coat style overcoat I might be into.
Whoa. Fucked up. How do you know it was the babysitter?
I'm in.
Jadot can be solid, but Drouhin is soooooo much better as far as the big negociant houses go.
Wine Beserkers is the one to use. If Style Forum was an all wine forum that would be it. They talk about an array of wines, but their focus is on Burgundy, Piedmont, Rhone and older wines. The site came about when there was a mass exodus from the Robert Parker board when Parker started charging people to use the forums. There is a big anti-Parker sentiment on WB.
Will try at some point. More likely just the sportcoat.
So I fiiiinnnnnalllly got my finished suit in this fabric recently. Turned out great! Light enough for a casual Summer sportcoat and the color works well for a nice Fall suit. It's a winner!
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