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Well said, Ben. I view this as a positive for EG to have *more* quality control and consistency over their products. That benefits everyone over time.
Thanks and that all makes sense. If anything perhaps that's a big reason why these recent EG Dovers I got actually fit!But in my experience there has always been subtle variation with the lasts at places like EG and Vass. It sounds like things will now be more consistent at EG. Although there may be a bit of an initial change if you were used to something before. Good to know all around.
In what way exactly? They are now bigger or smaller? Wider or narrower? Have you tried on multiple pairs? Did you talk to EG about it? This is just the first I'm hearing about it. Very curious. Thanks!
I have a jacket made up of the original Gun Club and love it. At first it was a bit FU so it took some time to get used to. Now I really enjoy wearing it. Not as versatile as some jackets and is best suited to dark raw denim jeans and dark brown trousers I find.I signed up for the Sicilian Tweed re-run and can't wait!
Completely agree with this sentiment. When you look in person at a cloth from LL and a cloth that is very similar from another maker the difference is striking. The colors on the LL fabrics pop more and have greater depth and the fabric is sturdier.Yes, if one does their own fabric run it will be cheaper. But doing that is a *very* time consuming process. Not something I'd like to do again. Paying higher prices to free up my time to run my business and play with my kids is...
FINALLY got a pair of Dovers that actually fit like a glove. One of the best fitting shoes out of the box I've encountered. Whew! So comfy I wore them to work a wine dinner the day after receiving them and not a pinch. And love this mellow chocolate shade of mocha. And thank you to Axel's in Colorado for the great service!
A well worn and well loved pair of EG Newmarkets in Burnt Pine on the 606 last. Had these about 5 years and still going strong. Just ordered a pair in Dark Oak on the 202 last. Can't wait!
Bill,While all look great, this one really speaks to me. Love the color combination. Wear it well and in good health!Best,David
They're just about the same. If you look at the heels of the lasts the 202 is forward the slightest touch.
While not oxford, F last on the left and 202 last on the right...both fantastic all around round toe lasts...the 202 a bit wider and the F a bit more modern...just go with whatever fits you best.
New Posts  All Forums: