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It's cold out there. Dress appropriately.
Are we still about robes and pajamas here? #confused.
Hi SM,That one actually still is available! My iPhone is not allowing me to send a PM, but feel free to shoot me one. Thanks!
I really can't see what you're saying here. I'm looking at the jacket pocket in person carefully right now close up and it all seems to match up. That's good enough for me!
Thanks guys! Not Steed, but an MBT. Chris - I'm looking at the breast pocket now. It's cut the same direction, but just not lined up absolutely perfectly making it look slightly ajar. If you zoom in on the closeup photo on an iPhone you can see more clearly.
Agnelli Tweed from The London Lounge funded. Soft, fuzzy, warm lambswool. Awesome stuff. And yes, the waist looks low due to the angle of the photograph.
I have my LLTW20 in my shop getting a few alterations to make it a bit looser. When I had it made in HK years ago it came out more snug than my other sportcoats...the toughest part about the LLTW20 is combing it with the right shirt. I think that off white is ideal. A very pale blue is also ok especially if combined with a navy or dark brown sweater. I wouldn't say it's versatile, but it is very nice.
DB Flannel Suits!!! Anyone in the NY area that can try on the double breasted suits in the photo below interested in them? Both made for me by WW Chan in Hong Kong. Fabrics are Minnis Flannel in Royal Air Force Blue and Smith Woollens in medium Gray. Would ask for $600 for the pair. Both are around a size 38 tall off the racks. PM me if interested. Serious interest only, please.
Thanks! That may do the truck if it fits. Will looking it. Appreciate the link.
Thanks! Still leaning towards just getting something like the coat below made at some point. Think it would suit my style and needs pretty well.
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