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I would say around 1/2 - 3/4 inch with the most intensity being in the center, as expected.
After years of searching, *finally* found the ideal Green Donegal fabric courtesy of Kevin & Howlin (how great is that name, by the way?). The exact color is nearly impossible to photograph, but this gives the best representation I can see. I love all the different color flecks. Yay!
Jealousy issues resolved. After a long time coveting, finally got a pair of E.G. Dovers in Dark Oak. For years the main issue with Dovers was that for some reason the instep always seemed lower than usual on this model. I was able to resolve that with the ball stretcher in the link below. This stretcher has proved indespensible and saved me from selling a few great shoes. Well worth getting if there are some specific bothersome areas such as an instep. You can see the...
^ look great! Are those Chestnut Utahs on the 202?
][/quote]This is great. Thank you, Notch! Would one wear the same size in all the lasts? I am a 43.5 on the F and P2, but have no fitting experience with the Peter.
Not gonna lie, these F last double monks in Gold Museum from No Man Walks Alone are pretty friggin killer. They have a classic, deep, warm Chesnut vibe to them. Thanks, Greg!
If I was a betting man I would say a D width in the roomier lasts should fit very well. I recall a discussion years back on LL about all that. Curious how it turns out for you!
Thanks, guys! I used MAB a long time back. I would need to re-change patters and what not so not totally worth it. Will look into Ercoles.
Price drop down to $245!
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