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Wow! Thank you so much and very gracious of you! Glad you enjoyed it. Happy Holidays!
These were taaaaassssty last night with dry aged prime rib roast...super classic and super drinkable. You don't hear much about 1979, but very underrated in both Burgundy and Bordeaux...Happy Holidays to all!
Is there a link somewhere? I don't see the sale prices on www.mrporter.com
No experience with the banana last, but for me the P2 is a bit roomier all around than the Budapest. The Budapest is a bit shorter (to the point of going up a half size can be a good idea for some) and more spacious in the toe box, but then gets more snug around the sides.Interesting and sad to hear that. Glad I have them as well for many reasons!
A Steed DB Fox Flannel suit making an appearance in the wild...Merry Christmas!
The color on these Vass saddle shells has only gotten better with age. PS - Budapest last rocks.
Anyone know of any stockists that have the Dover or Mercer in Chestnut on the 606 or 202 in D width? I checked all the usual places. Thanks!
Currently getting this green Donegal from Kevin and Howlin made up. Been looking for a good one for a while now...now I just need a proper pair of English chestnut shoes to pair!
Looks great and doesn't seem dreaded at all. Just properly well worn. Enjoy em!
Guys, Been using the search function and Google and finding shoe storage that is actually made of decent quality and that can easily hold men's dress shoes is proving pretty damn difficult. Anyone have any recommendations? Small cubbies would be preferable. Thanks!
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