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^ look great! Are those Chestnut Utahs on the 202?
][/quote]This is great. Thank you, Notch! Would one wear the same size in all the lasts? I am a 43.5 on the F and P2, but have no fitting experience with the Peter.
Not gonna lie, these F last double monks in Gold Museum from No Man Walks Alone are pretty friggin killer. They have a classic, deep, warm Chesnut vibe to them. Thanks, Greg!
If I was a betting man I would say a D width in the roomier lasts should fit very well. I recall a discussion years back on LL about all that. Curious how it turns out for you!
Thanks, guys! I used MAB a long time back. I would need to re-change patters and what not so not totally worth it. Will look into Ercoles.
Price drop down to $245!
VESTS IN NYC Anyone know of a tailor in NYC that can make up some nice classic style vests? Looking to turn a few suits into 3 piece. Thanks!
Thanks and duly noted!
I agree that the new lasts seem to be working well for me as well. Nice to see asl I almost lost faith in trying to sort out EG lasts and sizes.Curious how you find the 32 in relation to the 202 and 82 in terms of look and sizing and instep. Do you do the same size in all? Is the 32 in look between the 202 and 82 or more in one direction? Very curious.Thanks!
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