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I wear a Vass 43.5 on both F and P2...the Budapest last is a bit shorter than those, but just as comfortable. I'd say a hair roomier. I have odd shaped feet and for this last I actually do a 44 for my left foot and a 43.5 for my right. It really is a great last and not at all clunky.
Vass Budapest Last Saddle Shell in the wild...when I say in the wild I mean my home at night...love how these things have aged...so classic.
Slewfoot and Slewfoot tobacco brown fresco together again. Been enjoying this fabric more and more as the years go by. Hope you guys have been liking it as well!
All have now sold. Thanks, guys!!!
Thanks, guys! EG Galways, EG Dovers, Vass shells are now sold...the EG Ladbrokes and Vass boots are still available.
Hi Guys, Hope all is well! Looking to get rid of a bunch of shoes I just haven't worn in a while. If you are a size 10.5 US then you're in luck! some Fun stuff here that should have a happy home. If they don't sell then I'll just give them away to friends. All shoes show some wear and I've worn each probably 10 - 15 times. They just don't fit as well as many others I own. Serious buyers only please. Shipping not included. I am not accepting returns so know your size. I...
Agreed. Those are perfect and classic Vass. Enjoy, Mr. Six!
I don't know Gabriel, but I use Zalto at home...perhaps buy one of each to be sure before committing to a bunch.
Guys, These days, where are the best places in NYC to find Ready to Wear tweed suits? BB? J. Press? Paul Stuart? APC? My brother in law can use one for an upcoming wedding in Ireland. Thanks in advance!
Does Gennaro have any plans to come out to New York anytime soon? If so does he have a mailing list of some kind?
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