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I don't know Gabriel, but I use Zalto at home...perhaps buy one of each to be sure before committing to a bunch.
Guys, These days, where are the best places in NYC to find Ready to Wear tweed suits? BB? J. Press? Paul Stuart? APC? My brother in law can use one for an upcoming wedding in Ireland. Thanks in advance!
Does Gennaro have any plans to come out to New York anytime soon? If so does he have a mailing list of some kind?
Sorry, but it kind of is.
Yes, they can do that. I have a pair in dark brown suede and love them. Just show them that photo of yours or mine below. Mine are on the P2 last.
Try the one from Venica. As good as you can ask for.
Thanks, buddy! Glad you enjoyed it. 'Twas a fun interview to do.
Love the medium weight Fox Flannel stuff. I have this same one in the slightly darker shade. Wear it regularly.
Yvonne or Guiberteau Rouge...both excellent with the Yvonne being a but more rugged while the Guiberteau is more sleek.
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. I'm Episode 250, the guy with the Steed jacket in the vineyards. Levi's a really good guy and really gets my new wine app, Pickabottle. While most all of his podcasts are well worth a listen, to really delve into the soul of Burgundy, I recommend checking out the interview with Jeremy Seysses of Dujac.
New Posts  All Forums: