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nice...I don't think lavender /purple gets enough love around here...this could also work well with some spectator and or suede Quote: Originally Posted by Doral Linen and lavender!
"It's "daddy" you shithead, now get me my bourbon!" RIP cool artist /photographer as well!!
a library card clean sheets a knowledge of food /entertaining beyond top ramen
1. Hire pole vaulter as aid. 2. Sex scandal. 3. speech writer also helps write your docudrama politico thriller / sartorial guide 4. Make millions off book and movie. 5. Buy more bespoke. 6. repeat -this time as a lobbyist. Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria My wife has been on a four year campaign to get me to run for office. Several problems, though: 1. What does a state senator do? Based on what I read in the paper, they seem mostly...
"Who rules Bartertown? Masterblaster!"
clockwise from top: 1. Martegani MTO -iron /cognac calf 2. Gravati -brown white bluchers 3. Martegani MTO, - cognac and cola suede 4. Allen Edmonds, tan calf and linen 5. G&G Astaire
I own 5 pair of spectators of differing types. I get a good deal of use from them. Some things that work for me: 1. flat front khakis -tan and white /stone 2. Seersucker -blue / grey -usually just pants as it gets hot here soon 3. the shoes do the work -everything else gets toned down 4. shirts / white or light up top -helps balance the white below -ginghams in lt. blue /khaki /brown work well imo 5. keep the socks simple I wear them mostly to evening out to...
Watch, Holdfast will occasionally put RLBL for sale at good prices.
Quote: Originally Posted by IST66 This is so freakin' good!!
We're overdue for a Triple Crown
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