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When anyone actually used the word "honor" in proximity to Glenn Beck is was when I tuned it out. Next.
geometric art, glossy ceiling, zebra skin, candy stripe sofa--why not have wide lapels....
give Blago his reality tv show already and lets move on......
traveling through St.Louis -I stop on "The Hill" and have Italian.
a well struck 5 iron, on target, with a slight draw....
A few: 1. Good logos that get re-vamped when they should have just been left alone. 2. the many variations of the nipple squirt -bottle -ok for the kids, but stupid with the grownups. 3. almost anything past version 2.0 4. scenery from the interstate through a large swath of America. 5. subdivisions where they bulldoze all the trees but put out a sign advertising sparkling rendering of a finished house with full grown trees around it.
Quote: Originally Posted by oldog/oldtrix always good stuff ODOT, and worn with panache- but those posters looming in the background are a real bummer.
another lens between the object and the recorder
i love the store and the designs, but rarely seem to walk out with much merchandise. Glad to see the recognition come his way.
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