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When anyone actually used the word "honor" in proximity to Glenn Beck is was when I tuned it out. Next.
geometric art, glossy ceiling, zebra skin, candy stripe sofa--why not have wide lapels....
give Blago his reality tv show already and lets move on......
traveling through St.Louis -I stop on "The Hill" and have Italian.
a well struck 5 iron, on target, with a slight draw....
A few: 1. Good logos that get re-vamped when they should have just been left alone. 2. the many variations of the nipple squirt -bottle -ok for the kids, but stupid with the grownups. 3. almost anything past version 2.0 4. scenery from the interstate through a large swath of America. 5. subdivisions where they bulldoze all the trees but put out a sign advertising sparkling rendering of a finished house with full grown trees around it.
Quote: Originally Posted by oldog/oldtrix always good stuff ODOT, and worn with panache- but those posters looming in the background are a real bummer.
another lens between the object and the recorder
i love the store and the designs, but rarely seem to walk out with much merchandise. Glad to see the recognition come his way.
in spirit yes, but cannot afford the dues.....
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