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another lens between the object and the recorder
i love the store and the designs, but rarely seem to walk out with much merchandise. Glad to see the recognition come his way.
in spirit yes, but cannot afford the dues.....
when the sex tape comes out -this pink paisley smoking jacket needs to be peeeled off of her
gorgeous shoe -that purple tree completes the deal -If you are not opposed to wearing purple sox -in combination with the brown of the shoe it is quite rich!
Righteous Brothers -lost that lovin' feelin'
find a pool -its gonna be a cooker!
Once you decide on the suit.... how about: 1.Be on time 2. Firm handshake, stand up straight, look the person in the eye, speak clearly 3. Take the headphones off and the gum out. 4. and don't" like" say "like" every other "like" word to "like" answer a question
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I wonder why people get fat and ugly. A question for the ages, methinks. I've said this before and I'll say it's the NASCARing of America. We stuff our faces with beer and hotdogs and watch the machines do the legwork. Aesthetically-maybe if we switched to Formula 1 all the women would look like hot Italians and we'd all shed a few pounds
did he stay for dinner? this looks like an evening outfit -I see daylight- tone down the shirt and get rid of the dazzling initials on the slippers- I like what he does more often than not.
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