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Quote: Originally Posted by thinman Bridge over troubled water Sound of silence yep but sound of silence has to be heard in context with the Graduate.
The Lobbs are sweet. There are people who have a knack for finding stuff and continually find premium goods. Buddy of mine did this with classic modern furniture -gathered a small fortune by scouting garage sales and funky estate sales.
chucks with tux
quit texting inane shit, do something, and quit living off daddy's trust fund - they'll feel better -
Quote: Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs Damn, those are nice -maker?
The one with the most "Dumb Threads" wins the tie break!
Manton-the history Will -if not an "expert", has a solid background on fabrics, makers, processes. Despos G&G might post every so often, I'd not hesitate to put them in the expert category Ron Rider - anything in the way of leather /shoe fabrication. Rach, and Thomas know alot about fragrance.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero I agree with the sentiments of the opening post. There is this unofficial game that's been taking place between fashionably aware socialites to see who can spend the most money and effort into looking like a homeless person. This man is winning. Plaid work coat and bow tie? Christ. That's a beard!
With a few minor alterations this could be a Steak and Ale...
give it a few years Conne and you'll look like your avatar..
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