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With a few minor alterations this could be a Steak and Ale...
give it a few years Conne and you'll look like your avatar..
^If they were going to win one -this was a good one to win!!
We have repro Barcelona in our office, and mine comes from the same order. Don't remember the manufacturer-but they came in from Italy. Don't have the pockets for the"real" deal. On our chairs, the proportions look fine, and the metal work is quite good. These things have endured all kinds of abuse -students usually lounge on these two at a time. they are still in top shape. the leather and buttoning have held up as well -so yes, it's a knock off -but I would have bought...
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero I heard this song in Barnes & Noble tonight. But now I know the name of it. Life is good. Dancing Queen by ABBA - a classic!
Calf versions not as high as cordovan. Great boots!!
Creed Green Irish Tweed - yesterday -Creed Erolfa
Actually I liked him in Leaving Las Vegas and Moonstruck and I enjoyed NT -but he's quirky in a movie called Vampire's Kiss -no, not the best movie, but the eccentric character he plays has some priceless moments.
Rosemoor -like the shape /detailing
get your ass out of bed and go to class....
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