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Why the hell design /aesthetics gets lost just because a company tries to make an energy efficient car is beyond me. It's like they send the design team home for the evening and bring in the interns to do the styling. It just can't be that hard to put a visually appealing shape to a car, but they keep dumping these blobs on us. Aesthetically this is about the same as an AMC Pacer; perhaps the designer was young and didn't remember that shit the first time around.
I also had the Hot wheels collection that Mark from Plano posted. I also had some larger die cast cars from Corgi -quite cool. I saw the original Batmobile at Daryl Starbird's Rod and Custom Show, along with Don Garlits' Swamp Rat top fuel dragster! I think alot of boys learned to draw from copying these things -and building the models. Also, i liked the campy Batman tv show!
My favorite, and if i had not just bought a huge bottle -i'd be in.
muscle cars feathered hair manix and chicks w/ bush!
Quote: Originally Posted by thinman Bridge over troubled water Sound of silence yep but sound of silence has to be heard in context with the Graduate.
The Lobbs are sweet. There are people who have a knack for finding stuff and continually find premium goods. Buddy of mine did this with classic modern furniture -gathered a small fortune by scouting garage sales and funky estate sales.
chucks with tux
Quote: Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs Damn, those are nice -maker?
The one with the most "Dumb Threads" wins the tie break!
Manton-the history Will -if not an "expert", has a solid background on fabrics, makers, processes. Despos G&G might post every so often, I'd not hesitate to put them in the expert category Ron Rider - anything in the way of leather /shoe fabrication. Rach, and Thomas know alot about fragrance.
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