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i have one through lands end custom
i'll take Bacon, the painter that is....
and /or ding dongs.........
Excellent. I always liked Faith No More -wish they would do the same.
Can't this guy just have his 5 minutes on american idol and be done with it.
Went in a huge Ikea in Frisco TX. It's an experience on par with Disneyland. Seriously, so much humanity it will trigger some kind of panic attack. I like the simple modern forms -but the place and furniture permeate with the blandness of suburban sprawl. If ever there was furniture made to match ceiling popcorn -this is it.
go to the mirror-if you can see alot of skin through your beard -its usually not much of a beard.
if I hear another teary -eyed, weepy, indie folk band...enough of that homespun shit already.
Initially everyone will blame Al Gore, then chaos will ensue. Artisan Fan will deny it and provide suspect research data. Forum members will try to secure protein and fresh water in sumptuous flannels and wingtip boots. Thinner ties will prove slightly less cumbersome when wrestling down the wild game on the fringes of urban sprawl.
Ah, but the middle way is better for finding the fairway......
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