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Good game -horrible commercials. The worst in memory. Anyone else trying to pass a pasty pot -bellied white guy in his underwear as funny needs to find a new career. Sad that major companies even bought this crap.
i like the db off white, check ties and the shirts -wish i could wear those glasses..
i would do both -and I'm having a hard time finding flat fronts -so if anybody has suggestions.
I did read about a music store robbery where they cleaned out all the cd's but left Phil Collins....
Always thought this was one of the best ever posted. Hall of Fame threak right here...
I'm interested -should've put shoulder straps or something on it...
I liked the Wal Mart clown...hate walking into the store...but a change of pace for their ads.
when speaking publicly -know your subject inside and out. Takes the edge off, and a more relaxed delivery is a more confident delivery. This has been my experience.
Fall 2010. I could do this. short bleeb on it here. http://www.selectism.com/news/2010/0...ot/#more-32143
My wife pays attention. Her change in clothing and her scrutiny on shoes, cut, combinations has also changed. she works with doctors and executives and frequently comes home with stories about how awful some of the clothing choices are. So if something looks off, she says something. She's a designer and I trust her judgement. This works both ways.
New Posts  All Forums: