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Went in a huge Ikea in Frisco TX. It's an experience on par with Disneyland. Seriously, so much humanity it will trigger some kind of panic attack. I like the simple modern forms -but the place and furniture permeate with the blandness of suburban sprawl. If ever there was furniture made to match ceiling popcorn -this is it.
go to the mirror-if you can see alot of skin through your beard -its usually not much of a beard.
if I hear another teary -eyed, weepy, indie folk band...enough of that homespun shit already.
Which of these do you picture with champagne and lipstick on it?
http://www.selectism.com/news/ I see cool stuff here quite often. I teach at a university and applaud the fact that you are attempting to go beyond the typical student attire. Just don't look stupid by being one of those students that insists on wearing flip flops when its snowing out...
anything by Springsteen, Styx or Bob Seger
............John Cage...........
cool monks - santa was good this year!
sucks-i liked her - great song with oakenfold, and i liked her part in sin city.
Why the hell design /aesthetics gets lost just because a company tries to make an energy efficient car is beyond me. It's like they send the design team home for the evening and bring in the interns to do the styling. It just can't be that hard to put a visually appealing shape to a car, but they keep dumping these blobs on us. Aesthetically this is about the same as an AMC Pacer; perhaps the designer was young and didn't remember that shit the first time around.
New Posts  All Forums: