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Love my cordovan. Ron puts out a great product. I'll be doing calf or suede for the next boot. Nice looking lasts too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Southern-Nupe +100....I'm amazed that so many people care this much. Slow day in the news won't let this kind of thing go. and the media won't be happy till he puts on his press conference face and apologizes to everybody. Sad that our collective prudishness demands this sort of vulgarity. On the upside -all those that blather on about how "inhuman" Tiger was, can now have a collective "i told ya' so" knowing he...
* casually places some new age crystals and tarot cards on the kitchen table*
4 pair of black shoes,isn't this some sort of record.....
1. don't spill the spaghetti sauce on the kitchen carpet! 2. and while you're at it -don't ever put carpet in the damn kitchen!!
get back to us in 20 years...see how its workin' for ya
i have a gap "jean" jacket that is done in suede -gets frequent use in spring, so material may make some difference
Quote: Originally Posted by Christofuh if weather is bad enough to wear this much of a shoe, switch to a damn boot.....
I'm forging a Vermeer painting as we speak.........
Good game -horrible commercials. The worst in memory. Anyone else trying to pass a pasty pot -bellied white guy in his underwear as funny needs to find a new career. Sad that major companies even bought this crap.
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