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Love my cordovan. Ron puts out a great product. I'll be doing calf or suede for the next boot. Nice looking lasts too.
4 pair of black shoes,isn't this some sort of record.....
1. don't spill the spaghetti sauce on the kitchen carpet! 2. and while you're at it -don't ever put carpet in the damn kitchen!!
get back to us in 20 years...see how its workin' for ya
i have a gap "jean" jacket that is done in suede -gets frequent use in spring, so material may make some difference
Quote: Originally Posted by Christofuh if weather is bad enough to wear this much of a shoe, switch to a damn boot.....
I'm forging a Vermeer painting as we speak.........
Good game -horrible commercials. The worst in memory. Anyone else trying to pass a pasty pot -bellied white guy in his underwear as funny needs to find a new career. Sad that major companies even bought this crap.
i like the db off white, check ties and the shirts -wish i could wear those glasses..
i would do both -and I'm having a hard time finding flat fronts -so if anybody has suggestions.
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