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I have seen this pant /shoe combination with contrasting light cream colored socks- I liked it.
Quote: Originally Posted by artoftime Reworking some details on a Lobb commission - emailed this AM from John H. Lobb - who is wonderful to work with. Hope to see something in leather before 2011! nice! and would make a great avatar...
Three favorites: Gill Sans Helvetica Bodoni
Have two sport coats, love them! The ones that turn up at my local retailer always seem to have some interesting stylistic tweak to them. I have a Norfolk type jacket in linen and a navy w/ grey stripe, both unstructured jackets. I'll buy more as different season / styles come in.
I like this Rockwell. On the right side of his canvas are pictures of Durer, Rembrandt, Picasso, Van Gogh. I'd like to think Rockwell is paying homage to his heroes. Despite the common reading of Rockwell as the homespun illustrator of Americana, perhaps there was also a bit of the modernist lurking in the shadows.
I didn't even check the link -I just automatically assumed Coburn or Imhoff....
What?! An AF post that I agree with. This behavior is inexcusable from either party or tea party.
I have read a book by this title -different subject - the book is an interesting read dealing with fraud /forgery.
"Informal country daytime." Love the look, but this will get your ass kicked and quick should you informally go near "country" in the daytime...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant I'm late to the show but this is GREAT!!!
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