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ok, so you know about clothes and politics -but can you cook?!
Watch and learn. Apologies if this is a re -post. -some nice boots at the end!
Quote: Originally Posted by Master Squirrel Yes. And unlike most Target stuff, they may actually last through one wash. hhmm,not my experience. i have several linen shirts that are a decade old and two pairs of seersucker (trim flat fronts in blue /khaki)that are 3 years old -get alot of wear
has anyone else noticed his face looks different? his eyes always look pink and it makes my eyes burn and water to watch him.....
I'm basking in Empire.....
Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving Bold look. This would cross the tipping point of "nice shoes" to actually being looked at askance. Falls under "trying to hard" I think saddle shoes are a little more subtle. its not trying too hard and no one will look askance, they'll be looking at their iphone most likely. i've got numerous pairs of two tones, its a great classic shoe-i get alot of wear out of mine.
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba Not their fathers generation, their grandfathers IMO. Let us know how it goes. ^true. Went well. We addressed clothes for men /women and professional etiquette. They had good comments and questions. Basically: be on time, be nice, work hard, say please and thank you, -don't say "like" every other word, suit should be charcoal or navy and fit, cleaned pressed shirt (white), well groomed, firm handshake...
Thanks fellas! these are all great pieces of advice and I will be using all of them. I'm definitely seeing a generation that has lost some of the sartorial attentiveness of their father's generation -just trying to give them a heads up to a world beyond jeans and t-shirts. thanks, dp
Any more goodies? these are great -I'm walking in at 3:00 and giving them the scoop.
Im giving a brief talk to some college seniors. I know that many on SF have a short list of do's and don'ts concerning what to wear when entering the business world. I'd appreciate input. -and if you happen to do business with one of my graduates, perhaps sartorial issues won't get the deal off on the wrong foot. So, what quick soundbites would you impart?
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