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Quote: Originally Posted by JPHardy It's not easy being green Thursday's Nice- and nice chair -I'm looking at getting one in the same color.
Crittenden jacket BB tie / lavender
New calf /suede spring two tones from Rider!!
i would stay away from crowds.....
use caution if those khakis are cuffed and pleated...
good pics...great spectators !!!
Quote: Originally Posted by johnapril That painting hangs in the St. Louis Art Museum. on of my favorites! captivating!
Don't know about "timeless", but this renovation of a McKim,Meade, White design cleans up quite well. http://www.astorcourts.com/image.php?id=829
mmmm adelaides and pastrami!
Quote: Originally Posted by IST66 Always nice!! Excellent tie! (will steal this option )
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