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Atelier cologne : Poivre Electrique
Just saw some nice works in Chicago. Sad loss.
This is why I cant stand most martial arts stuff. This choreographed fighting nonsense. Might as well just break into song and dance. I also find it amusing whensomeone gets major head trauma or passes out only to suddenly revive and are 110%- not even a hint of wooziness or disorientation as they fight off multiple attackers. Just once I'd like to see a spy movie where the person hacking into the computer system as the critical seconds tick away-gets killed because of a...
Waiting for the Newt/Palin ticket to whip this country into shape
Bataille? Why not De Sade?
How the fuck do you even get out of the house?! Way too many options! Edit: Way too many great options....
sand, mine are getting alot of use
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 These are very nice A, love the color, and that's a very elegant looking last.. -yes-
yes -wore a blue blazer, lt.blue gingham sirt, tan pants and orange /yellow tie the other day to several favorable comments -not a new combination, but felt right as we move into spring.
my unscientific approach is to lay a few pair next to the desired pairing under decent lighting conditions and look. so my only classification is yes, this will work or no this won't.
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