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Atelier cologne : Poivre Electrique
Just saw some nice works in Chicago. Sad loss.
This is why I cant stand most martial arts stuff. This choreographed fighting nonsense. Might as well just break into song and dance. I also find it amusing whensomeone gets major head trauma or passes out only to suddenly revive and are 110%- not even a hint of wooziness or disorientation as they fight off multiple attackers. Just once I'd like to see a spy movie where the person hacking into the computer system as the critical seconds tick away-gets killed because of a...
How the fuck do you even get out of the house?! Way too many options! Edit: Way too many great options....
sand, mine are getting alot of use
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 These are very nice A, love the color, and that's a very elegant looking last.. -yes-
yes -wore a blue blazer, gingham sirt, tan pants and orange /yellow tie the other day to several favorable comments -not a new combination, but felt right as we move into spring.
my unscientific approach is to lay a few pair next to the desired pairing under decent lighting conditions and look. so my only classification is yes, this will work or no this won't.
Dark color may be warmer -i've been looking for a good jacket for some time, not having much luck.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet gtfo One of the dumbest things I've read in this thread, pressure is on the grizzlies? LOL!! yes, Denver did gtfo.
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