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Had these for a while...pretty beat up, but the soles were totally rebuilt by Red Wing at the factory, never worn them since. Brand new laces from factory as well. Size 9D.
1 hour left on this....need to sell it! http://www.ebay.com/itm/300816301352?redirect=mobile
As are the 9043 and 9042 oxford shoes. Part of Beckman collection. I have a pair for sale on here..check sig. They run a bit smaller than the boots (ie. 10.5 in boots, 11 in oxfords)
i wear a 10.5 in red wing oxfords (selling a pair..link in sig), 11 in Nike and 10 in the GT if that helps
they only use 26oz wool and are rated for 25F to 40F.....looks nice style wise (earlier 10 button coat) but i don't think they are great at being usable in certain weather conditions.PS thanks for the explanation on the wool differences
What is the main difference between kersey and melton wool? Is the weave tighter on pre-melton coats? Is kersey more water/wind resistant? I always hear conflicting stuff and since I only have a vintage kersey coat I cannot comment on melton coats.
speaking of outsoles on the GTs...a red wing store employee informed me that if you put clear stain on the wooden outsoles theylll stay light colored
^^ comparng the leather of GTs from 2009 to the Beckmans of 2012...the leather seems softer on the newer models
what is the wool type of the sterlingwear milspec?
$250 shipped takes em
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