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all proceeds from this sale will go to the USO as a donation
Red Wing boots
Worn only a couple of weeks, size 10.5D. style # 9013.
with my 10.5 beckmans, my feet feel OK but they look HUGE on me
Awesome Tony Lama Jacket
i'm a measured "upper" 10.5D according to red wing left foot is a bit bigger than my right. I wore a size 10 beckman boot and it felt nice and snug but my left foot felt a bit crammed. I got a size 10.5 instead and they are def roomier but I don't have that crammed feeling.
I know you can buy the REAL thing but they are 200+ dollars...even used on ebay. So, I have narrowed it down to 2 one is from Woolrich, other is J. Crew, both 100% wool. Which just looks better? More versatile? Sweater A: Sweater B:
I bought these brand new during Xmas. I shrunk them too much, worn maybe twice before washing. They are a 30x34 but fit more like a 28x30.
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