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I've moved my entire non-work wardrobe to USA made stuff but I cannot find one thing.....a short sleeve white oxford shirt made of cotton. American Apparel makes one but I am searching for a bit better quality. Searched high and low, need your help!
Red Wing 3145 Heritage Chukka, shoes are a size 10.5D, fit TTS. I wore them 2 times but realized not a fan of the style. Boots were treated with mink oil as recommended by Red Wing.
I agree with this...I measure a 10.5 and bought a 10.5 so allow for different socks, no sizing down.
Red Wing USA Made Heritage 9111 boots, size 10.5D. Has some wear but pretty much brand new.
Jeans, boots and a blanket
Red Wing 8199 boots size 10.5D. Show some signs of wear but basically new, box provided.
Various items:
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