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3 Pairs of Gustin Jeans all size 30 Slim fit. Worn only handful of times each and no fades/stacks. $60 each or buy all 3 for $160 Left to right: The Dark, Cone Black, Okayama Standard
sneakers and eyeglasses from italy:
when are the 10oz summerweights or the summer blues coming back?! I backed them but canceled =(
I backed summerweights then canceled and now regret it...will another campaign be posted soon???
a whole list of stuff and more added later today:
Where do you work if you don't mind me asking?
Thanks man for the info would love to know if it shrank and how length fits.
how is the shirt sizing for tall thin guys? The medium measurements look great on chest/neck but I am worried it may be short on me and having a slender build and long legs...short shirts look horrible. Do the oxfords shrink at all?
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