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i wear a livestrong bracelet and a black small string bracelet i had custom made
i might give clarks boots a shot, the red wing chukkas are amazing just the size I got were a bit small and I don't have $$ right now for another pair of red wings
ive bought red wings from that seller before...100% legit
Red Wing Desert Chukkas 3143 (Sand). Size 9D Worn lightly several times. Suede still in near pristine condition, minimal wear on sole. Box not included. $177 shipped (if you pay with paypal as personal/gift, then $170).
$180 shipped CONUS
Quote: Originally Posted by splattered Ok i tried them on and wore them around the house a bit... i take it back, they look great w the black sole, but they are HEAVY. The Iron Rangers i have with the synthetic cork sole aren't this heavy... now i'm wondering if i should get used to the crepe sole version because they will be easier/more comfortable to walk in haha ugh **Oh, and ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENnSWin44yM i should try...
will let these go for $190 shipped
still taking offers
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