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Do I need to use shoe trees in suede chelsea boots?
Can someone point me to a guide/thread on dress shoe care? Also, can someone suggest a specific color polish to use on my tan country calf skin monks? Im colorblind and have difficulty choosing which matches the color of my shoes the best.
Thank you for this post. Sizing advice was spot on. I just got my Meermin Monks (Hiro) and they fit almost perfect. I wear a 8.5E in AE Strands and got a 8UK Hiro. FYI Shipping only took 8 days from the date I ordered the shoes to get to Florida.
Is there really a difference in color between the tan country calf vs the chestnut country calf? The website says its slightly darker but I cant tell any difference.
If I wear a size 8.5E in AE Strands what size should I get in Double monks in the Hiro last?
Can anyone ID these wingtips from the recent Dockers x GQ feature? thnx
thats my pic, u can find 30% off orient watch coupons by googlingheres some pics of that same watch on natos...im really happy with my purchase
i think its a seiko skx007
can u post a link to this?
APC NEW STANDARDS SIZE 28×32 (hemmed & worn for 6 months, never washed or soaked) – $60.00 waist: 17" thigh: 11.75" knee: 8.5" inseam: 32" hem: 7.75" ***note*** - PayPal ONLY from Verified Users with Confirmed Shipping Addresses - No trades except - Item shipped via USPS with tracking # - CONUS only No international shipping
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