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Quote: Originally Posted by pronxs quite sure that white CP pics are not yours. the picture is 41, yet the one you listed is a 43. any real life pics? i think the first two pic, as like some other items, the way he showed them is by showing some beautiful stock/ad photos, and then last one is his own. anyways, awesome sales, cheers!
oki ni 40% CRACKERS
size L. white cuffs just like pic. (oaknyc) worn once. perfect condition. $60 additional pic.
exactly. was hoping for some real measurements made by you
Quote: Originally Posted by Lel I have a question regarding BoO at For the shirts, the sizes are listed S-XL and then they have a P size. I assume that P=Petite=XS? Also, A Body or B Body? Is there anyway to tell? hi guys, i actually have the same question, is there anyway to tell a A-body from B-body? i searched and seem like A body has buttondown collars. darts and a box pleat but B-body does not, (at least most of them...
you still got these with you?
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