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Go for it, I am very happy with my Park Avenue's, 210 is a good deal
I have tried the Mount Gay Eclipse and was not impressed, but will try and give the Extra Old a try
The forum has numerous threads on beer and whiskey, thought I would start a new thread on my new favorite spirit-Rum Got into rum quite by accident as my only experience was with rum and coke (usually Bacardi silver-yuk), but while the liquor store picked up a bottle of Zaya 100ml (liked the bottle) and I was hooked. Here are a few favorites and maybe others can share their rum experiences. Aged Rum: Old Zaya (Guatemala) still my all time favorite, smooth with the...
Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Ballast Point Yellow Tail and Big Eye IPA
post soak measurements?
This is a brand new pair of one wash Sugarcane Hawaii, with all tags etc. The Tagged size is W33 L34, actual measurements given below. Pls note the is a broken thread on the right leg opening. Purchased from Japan via proxy, as I have lost weight, these are a tad big, trying to make back what I spent on them. email: road11runner@yahoo.com Waist: 16.25 in (32.5 in) Inseam: 33 in Front Rise: 11 in Back rise: 15 in Leg Opening: 8.75 in Asking $200 shipped within...
Chucks Vintage carries SugarCane stuff, not sure if they are still around
Indy (if you get a good fit)
Not my favorite drink, but Penca Azul Reposado is one of the few I can drink, a very good sipper, and cool bottle
Give Lee Gold Label 101b or the 101z a try, going right now for $90 on the Lee website, they are raw and selvage (if you sign up for email updates, can get extra 20% off). Remember to size down at least 1 for the 101b, preferably 2 if you like it a little snug.
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