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Check out the Crate Journals, can be had for $60 on sale (check barneys)
bevmo.com some states do not allow liquor to be shipped in from other states-make sure your state does not have such restrictions
"suits" gives 15%
try the camberusa.com 8 oz t shirt, they are not very athletic but the fabric is thick and heavy, ideal for winter ad they have a decent selection of colors
Quote: Originally Posted by aragon765 What is the large looking slide-like "button" on the side of these two watches? It activates the minute repeater
Has anyone checked out the Nike Loopwheeler tees, like to know how they compare to Flathead and Buzz tees, the quality, fit and sizing. The price is kinda steep but as they are available through Nike, could use the coupon to bring the price down to like $60. Does anyone know if the Loopwheeler stuff is available in the Nike stores http://www.nike.com/nikeos/p/sportsw...&cat_id=101601
Has anyone tried the Indy Boot sold by Todd's clothing, It's $75 Sure its not as good as the Alden 405, but for the price it may be a good deal http://www.toddscostumes.com/indy/in...tyle_boots.htm
^^^ That is a pair of LVC 501 Though the picture on J Crew website is not LVC 47
sale at Barneys Crate dry jeans for around $89 LVC 47 501 $109
They have a few hard wash and a light blue SDZ in sizes 32-36 for $95 No raw or resin one wash They all have redline selvage
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