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Duke City Cigars has a special - 20% off any box purchase, valid till end of Saturday enter LABORDAY Regency Cigar- 10% of for under $200 purchase and 15% off for over $200 enter EMAIL SPECIAL enjoy
Penca Azul Reposado, smooth and one of the few tequilas that don't make me gag doing shots
Anyone shopped at Cigar Fox? They had Padron 26 #35 for $147, thought it was some kind of a mistake and ordered a box, there was a delay of about a week, and they arrived today, and they were legit Padron 26, interesting to know how they can sell it so cheap
I have a box of Partagas Shorts from 08, they little firecrackers, a tad better than the Ramon Allones SCC Had a Coronado Hammer yesterday, was kinda disappointed, very one dimensional smoke and was medium bodied- when they are advertised to be full bodied, maybe it was a just a bad stick
try H.Upmann Magnums, they are a good medium bodies cigar, Ramon Allones Specially SElecteds are on the stronger side so it may not be an option for you
What are you smoking for the 4th of July? Hoyo Epi #1
You should check out, prices are very reasonable and good customer service seems to be form the EG Top Shelf line, $1500 with rl25
For the Southern Californians BH had a few good deals: Saks has a few large (9.5 and up) Barker Blacks for around $300, one suede Kiton laceup for $900 and couple of JM Weston for $350 (large black bluchers) Neiman Marcus has a few Lobbs (sizes 9.5 and up) going for between $450 -$ 600 (the prestige shoes on sale do not come with shoe trees) they have an additional 40% off sale items RL had a EG suede boot for $625, but the place was picked clean of all the good...
I just ordered a JCrew Thomas Mason on sale, keeping my fingers crossed they are slim fitting not a bad deal for $54 shipped Will post measurements when I get it
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