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For Merry Edwards fans - Wally's in Westwood has a sale on some older vintage bottles checkout:
99 RyJ Cazadores, amazingly smooth
Quote: Originally Posted by RedLantern Anyone ever had a Coronado by La Flor Dominicana? Had the Hammer, nothing much, it was one dimensional and though purported to be full bodied, it was more medium
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I think this is 13MG. I was in Beijing for a while so these were fairly available; the square box seems to be just another style of packaging with the same price as the regular rectangular "hard-pack". The soft-packs are pricier. Where in Southern California do you get Chunghwas? They don't even sell it at the duty free shops at the Beijing Capital airport. A Chinese/Asian Supermarket called Diho in...
I haven't seen Chunghwa's in wide pack like that before, are they available in the US? I have smoked the 11mg and the 15mg and the ones available in SoCal has no Tar content but is around 10mg
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I usually pair it with a grey elephant-skin strap. Are those cigarettes Chunghwa?, and did the lighter belong to a Suadi Royal Family?
How does the Nike x Loopwheeler t-shirt fit anyone has measurements for these?
Quote: Originally Posted by Minkous Anyone here smoke small cigars? Recommendations? Pro's/ Con's? Someone recently gave me some Macanudo Cafe Ascot's, which coincidentally I have been wanting to try for when I don't have time to smoke a full cigar (like on my lunch break). dependin on how small you want, Rocky Patel Juniors in Sungrown and Vintage are pretty good for a 25min smoke for a 30-45 min smoke Padron 1926 #35, '64 Principe,...
Thanks, I tend to prefer full bodied / strong cigars, Partagas is a favorite RyJ are usually on the medium side, but I have half a box of RyJ Cazadores from '00 that started out as very full bodied and strong but has mellowed to be very smooth, was wondering/hoping if the Mille Fleur was similar
Last friday: RyJ Mille Fleurs How are the Mille Fleurs, never had one, are they on the stronger side?
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