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Posts by ACDoyle is having a good deal on the Benchmade, $50/25 in addition there is a 20% code, so it looks like a good deal. Never ordered from them so not sure about Customer Service Code: FD20
Cigarking is having a 20% off their 5 packs Code: md520 Thouhg tof trying out the CAO brazilias and the Illusione Epernay
Does anyone have a Kakadu Nelson Jacket, I am looking to buy either the small or x-small but I have not been able to find actual measurements and emails to retailers have not been answered Thanks
Does anyone have actual measurements for the Kakadu Nelson jacket, looking at buying either in size small or x-small. I have emailed various retailers and have not received any measurements Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by Fortysomething Raw, no. Pre-distresseed, no. Could be a good change of pace, but I haven't heard much about them. Thanks Do you know of any stores in the US that carry this jean?
Has anyone tried the Lee Pepper Prewash, is it a raw jean, thought it maybe a n interesting alternative to Levis stf
Rum: Bacardi 8 Anos ($18 in SoCal)
Tabasco Habenero, use to be widely available, but now almost impossible to find, well worth it to hunt a bottle down
I miss the old Zaya, down to my last 3 bottles. The new Zaya is good, but the vanilla flavors are a little too strong. I may get flack for this but a good inexpensive Rum is the Bacardi 8 Anos (around $18/btl) - very smooth
Does anyone have any experience with ZIVO Pinot Noir from Oregon, not much on the internet about this wine.
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